About Me

Who I am: A health communication major / statistics minor sophomore from Grand Valley State University. Grand Rapids, MI born and raised. Smitten with the Mitten. I wear leggings every day, I have a cat named Dinah, I have terrible road rage, and I can’t seem to stay away from french fries, ice cream, and pickles.

Things I like: warm, foggy days, Netflix, turquoise jewelry, colorful sprinkles, makeup, pop culture, indie movies, bubblegum, taking pictures, chocolate-covered berries, good hair days, clean sheets, messy buns, fancy cocktails, swimming, saving fortunes from cookies, sleeping in.

Things I dislike: mushrooms, long winters, chipped nail polish, driving, chewing and talking simultaneously, coffee breath, split ends, salt-stained boots, other peoples’ opinions, dog hair, smudged glasses, the grunts people make when they stand up, exercising, chapped lips.

What is this blog about? And why?: I write about public relations in comparison with current events and pop culture. Mostly, because it’s a requirement for a class I’m taking, but also because it’s something that interests me.


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